Shelter in Rome


My house has a room that is a kind of flying carpet.

My house has a window that is a kind airport for arrivals and departures of flying carpet.

My house has a room where the world gets in and goes out … at least the ones who reach it.

My house has a room that I would like to be a shelter, a brief and intense one, for the ones who are passing through Rome.

A city shelter? Unusual that’s true, but who says that in great metropolis it is not needed?


A shelter in the mountains is a place where you take refuge before you return on the path, it is a place to recover in, take some breath and strengths; a place where You can wait the storm has passed or a place to reach, happy for the footsteps taken and dreamy of the next ones.

A shelter is a place where you start writing your diary, exchanging simple words or silence with the ones who travel with you or with whom You met in the shelter, wayfarer as you are.
A city shelter, that’s what my room is, at least in my desire.

A place to sit and look at the horizon…

My city shelter is a room that has a lot of history, you can add your, the one who lived here for so much time, would surely be happy of it, I am certain of it.

It’s about 35€ a day for two people, 25 € for one. To book just click on the contacts.

If you “landed” on this seashore/page/room it means you have the same sense of search and curiosity as mine… and this is the only credential worth in this house.

Good walk.

Note: the first inhabitant of the house is my cat Luna (which means moon)…
I’m often around, she’e always home.

28GIU2018 La padrona di casa
It’s Luna on the bed…

But there’s also a door…. magic? who knows?